Hi guys!

Can’t really remember when was the last time I pick up the tailoring scissors and sat down in front of the sewing machine creating ‘something’. I feel like I’ve lost my creative touch!  :pfft:

I need motivation lah, but i’m the type of person thats easily distracted with everything (like Facebook? haha). I hate doing nothing during weekends. Sewing calms my mind, rather than lazying all day. But truly, its hard running an indie shop alone kan? 😛 Luckily, my house-mate is willing to help me.

So, last weekend was spent doing simple crafts (cause my sewing machine is acting weird again). We made these geekery kitschy bow brooches using black and white themed fabric 😉 Totally hand-stitched tau~

bow brooches in the making

I really need a sewing machine lah, so i’m going to buy a new one next month. But still undecided about which brand or model. Janome, Juki, Singer? Any suggestions? Do share ok~ 😉

5 thoughts on “Is sewing again, yeay!

    • Shambie Adzhan says:

      I bought JUKI.. heavy duty machine tapi utk straight stitches jee.. hehe kain² memang sangat cantik, tapi sedikit mahal la sebab imported and usually limited.. ikut season 😉

      heee anyway, thanx for dropping by! :cheer:

  1. Leena says:

    Nice fabrics you have here…tapi do you bring in latest deisgns too?

    Machine – was about to recommend Bernina…but since you've already purchased Juki…tak pe lah…hehehehe…Bernina bukan takat straight but have other stiches as well…

    Have fun with your new machine 🙂

    • Shambie Adzhan says:

      thanks for dropping by! :cheer:
      yes, i run pre-orders for most latest designs.. u can look under the Pre-Order Category in Products Section.

      Owh Bernina? is it industrial sewing machine?

      i ada mesin jahit biasa brand singer tapi tak best bila jahit tebal², nanti stitches dia 'jumpy' and jarum senang patah. stakat guna Juki ni ok la.. 😉

  2. Leena says:

    Not industrial machine…this is meant for quilters…tapi they have lots of variations of machines based on your usage (although for quilters enthusiast tapi ada jugak yang guna untuk jahir baju or ada model utk jahit biasa). They are just like (to me at least) Mercedes (Bernina) with different classes (models) hahahaha…Easily can compare like it's other competitors like Janome, Pfaff or the like… tapi boleh jahit beg, mende yang tebal2…

    More info here.. .http://www.berninausa.com/ but it is a swiss product. 🙂

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