I hate my fugly hips but still that’s not enough to make me do heavy workouts :pfft: . I prefer to laze on my bed during weekends while watching JK-dramas (drooling over Lee Min-ho), and of course accompanied by light heavy snacks *pfft* :ops: !!!

So I’ve noticed the extra kilos, but that doesn’t stop me from eating! *gah* I hate ME for having huge appetite and always drooling over Chicken Chop and Secret Receipe’s Cake. Dang! :panic: 

Owh well and enough whining that’s not the point of this entry… lols :hehe: Since most of my clothes will not fit me well, I’ve decided to destash most of them, to make room for new ones (??) huhu :ops: and uuu yeah, also letting go a few pairs of shoes and heels… Rather than seeing them collecting to dust eh? Most of it are still in good condition and some of them are like new and never worn. :panic: Couldn’t stop myself from buying a new pair of shoes on monthly basis!!! There’s always a pretty new one on display~ *aiish*

Whatever~ *roll eyes* 😆 

So, here’s a sneak preview of what I will be selling… Have yet to shoot better pictures!

Hopefully it will be available next Sunday!! Stay tuned~ :inlove:

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