I miss sewing badly.

Punk Retro (Black) Clutch

Kinda busy with office work these days…

Sorry for not replying some of your e-mails and text messages. Will look into it soon, I promised  :ops:

Sorry for being a bad Store Owner too :bawl:

I’m just too caught up with work and I’m super tired. Even weekends pun kena kerja, camane? :yuck:

and my other housemate is moving out. Much too clean and sort out huuuuu~

But the good news is, we’ll gonna have a spare room!!! :cheer: Planning to use the room as my craft room slash our closet 🙂 Gonna re-paint the walls with purple shades, baru lebih semangat.

aaah.. i need hugs~

x Love, Shambie x

yes i love purple! :inlove: ok tak?


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