Last Pre-Order for this year (2009)

Orders will be submitted to supplier, for every 8 yards.

Status : CLOSED

  • submitted to supplier
  • Shipment for Order List #1 arrived – 6th December
  • Shipment for Order List #2 arrived – 12th December
  • Shipment for Order List #3 arrived – 15th December
  • Delivery to all customer : DONE! 😉


  • Closing date : 6th December, 2009 – 11.30PM
  • Full payment must be made before pre-order ends
  • Stock Arrival : 16th December, 2009
  • Delivery Date : 17th December, 2009

Example of calculation

(RM47 x Quantity in yards) + Postage Fee

Terms and Conditions

  • Full payment needed
  • Orders are considered pending until proof of payment is submitted
  • Orders must be placed through the Pre-Order Form
  • Price per yard – RM47
  • Price excluding postage
  • Minimum cut – 0.5 yards
  • Increment in 0.25 yards
  • Please include in the notes for any special instructions.

Local Post Charges

Please refer to Postage Info for details.

All orders can be tracked using the given track code. We are not responsible for the lateness of delivery or lost of packages. If you wish for safer and faster delivery, please opt for Poslaju.

FAQs about cotton

What is “100% quilt/fashion weight cotton”?

  • its made from 100% cotton.
  • fashion weight means, can be used for garment.

What does it mean by ‘ width 44″/45″ ‘ ?

  • the standard width of the fabric, measured from side to side.

How much is 1 yard (ela)?

  • equals to 36 inches. US measurement standards.

and How much is 1 meter?

  • equals to 39 inches. Malaysia’s measurement standards.

Does it mean that 1 yard is less than 1 meter?

  • yes!
  • 1 yard = 0.9144 meters
  • so a meter is about 3 1/3 inches more than a yard.

Care instructions?

  • Most cotton can shrunk a bit, please wash with cold water! And dry away from sunlight to preserve the colors.

Press instructions?

  • Use medium to high setting ironing.

Order List #1 (updated on 4:30AM 27/11/2009)

Submitted to supplier on 26th November.

  1. (Michael Miller) Disco Dot – Disco Dot in Sorbet x 0.5 yards*PAID
  2. (Tula Pink) Hushabye – Butterfly Lace Pink x 2 yards *PAID
  3. (Anna Maria Horner) Garden Party – Tablecloth in Brown x 2 yards *PAID
  4. (Robert Kaufman House Designer) Sweet Tooth – Cupcakes in Powder x 2 yards *PAID
  5. (Hoodie) Morning Call – Teapots in Egg x 1.5 yards *PAID

Order List #2 (updated on 1:45PM 01/12/2009)

Submitted to supplier on 1st December.

  1. (Camelot Cottons House) What A Hoot – Owls Allover In Brown x 0.5 yards *PAID
  2. (Erin Mcmorris) Park Slope – Birds In Ivory x 0.5 yards *PAID
  3. (Tula Pink) Hushabye, Droplets in Aqua x 2 yards *PAID
  4. (Tula Pink) Hushabye, Owl Stripe in Pink x 2 yards *PAID
  5. (Robert Kaufman House Designer) Sweet Tooth – Cupcakes in Turquoise x 2 yards *PAID
  6. (Hoodie) Cutie Pie – Dolls in Tan x 2 yards *PAID

Order List #3 (updated on 3:30PM 03/12/2009)

Submitted to supplier on 6th December.

  1. (Michael Miller House) Sweets – Hearts Oplenty In Multi x 0.5 yards *PAID
  2. (Michael Miller House) Sweets – Hearts Oplenty In Multi x 2 yards *CONFIRM
  3. (Michael Miller House) Sweets – Hearts Oplenty In Multi x 0.5 yards *PAID
  4. (Amy Schimler) Forest Fun – Forest Fun Owls in Spice x 0.5 yards *PAID
  5. (Timeless Treasures House Designer) Music – Mix Tape in Multi x 0.5 yards *PAID
  6. (My Minds Eye) Just Dreamy – Stripe in Pink x 2 yards *CONFIRM
  7. (Amy Butler) Midwest Modern 2 – Fresh Poppies in Ivory x 2 yards *PAID
  8. (Paula Prass) Woodland Delight – Brick Path in Blue x 0.5 yards *PAID

Track Code

  1. Sara Mansol – EN220197126MY – 07/12/2009
  2. Hairani Bahari – CD157294083MY – 15/12/2009
  3. Jezmine – EN220197143MY – 15/12/2009
  4. Skin – PX210912104MY – 17/12/2009
  5. Bahie – CD157293967MY – 17/12/2009
  6. Hoo Yoke Leng – pos ekspres – 17/12/2009

3 thoughts on “Cotton Pre-Order #15 – Last Pre-Order for 2009

  1. teena says:


    Yr selection is gorgeous! Any of em sesuai utk baju kurung tak? And berapa yard ya to make a kurung coz in metres selalunya need 4 mtrs. And when is d next preorder?tq for yr time

    • Shambie Adzhan says:

      mostly seswai je buat baju sebab cotton selesa di pakai. kalau ada stated 'fashion weight cotton' maknanya mmg seswai buat garment 😉
      tapi yang quilt weight pon ok je :cheer:

      kalau size S, 4 yard is enough. Klau size M mungkin tak cukup 4 yards. Lebih elok tanya tukang jahit masing² la. lain orang lain cara potong kain :p
      boleh guna kiraan ni : 1 yard = 0.9144 meters

      Next preorder mungkin in Mid Januari 2010. Tapi belum pasti, depends on my work schedule…
      You can send your pre-order request thru the pre-order form. Most collection yang lama-lama byk dah habis, and tak re-print :ops:

      huhu thanx for the support! :heart:

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