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Each request will be reviewed first because some of the collections are selling fast and some are back in stock. For quicker response, please leave a comment in respective post. I’ll try to reply A.S.A.P 😉

Cotton Pre-Order #19 1

Cotton Pre-Order #19 2

More collections available! Happy browsing :inlove:

Request is CLOSE

Status : CLOSE

From 1st March till 10th March, 2010.

  • request is CLOSE
  • Submitted to supplier on 11th March, 2010


  • Closing date : 10th March, 2010 – 9.00PM
  • Full payment must be made before pre-order ends
  • Stock Arrival : 22nd March, 2010
  • Delivery Date : 24th March, 2010
  • FAQs about cotton

Example of calculation

(RM47 x Quantity in yards) + Postage Fee

You purchased 2.75 yards of cotton and opted for Poslaju within Peninsular. So, you will need to pay RM136.25 based on the above calculation.

(RM47 x 2.75) + RM7 = RM136.25

Terms and Conditions

  • Immediate full payment needed
  • Orders are considered pending until proof of payment is submitted
  • Orders must be placed through the Pre-Order Form
  • Price per yard – RM47
  • Price excluding postage
  • Minimum cut – 0.5 yards
  • Increment in 0.25 yards
  • Please include in the notes for any special instructions.

Local Post Charges

Please refer to Postage Info for details.

All orders can be tracked using the given track code. We are not responsible for the lateness of delivery or lost of packages. If you wish for safer and faster delivery, please opt for Poslaju.

Order List **updated on 22nd March

Request is closed.

  1. (Amy Butler) Midwest Modern 2, Poppies in Ivory x 1 yard *PAID
  2. (Amy Butler) Midwest Modern 2, Ripple Stripe in Sand x 1 yard *PAID
  3. (Joel Dewberry) Modern Meadow, Sunflower in Berry x 1 yard *PAID
  4. (Joel Dewberry) Modern Meadow, Picnic Plaid in Berry x 1.5 yards *PAID
  5. (Joel Dewberry) Modern Meadow, Picnic Plaid in Pond x 1 yard *PAID
  6. (Joel Dewberry) Modern Meadow, Flowers Fields in Grass x 1 yard *PAID
  7. (Heather Bailey) Nicey Jane, Church Flowers in Pink x 1.25 yards *PAID #Out Of Stock – Refund#
  8. (Heather Bailey) Nicey Jane, Dream Dot in Celery x 1 yard *PAID
  9. (Heather Bailey) Nicey Jane, Dream Dot in Clementine x 1 yard *PAID
  10. (Heather Bailey) Nicey Jane, Swing Toss in Grass x 0.5 yard *PAID
  11. (Heather Bailey) Nicey Jane, Pocket Book in Green x 1 yard *PAID
  12. (Amy Butler) Daisy Chain, Wildflowers in Rose x 1 yard *PAID
  13. (Amy Butler) Daisy Chain, Mosaic in Rose x 1 yard *PAID
  14. (Tula Pink) Hushabye, Butterfly Lace in Pink x 2 yards *PAID
  15. (Tula Pink) Hushabye, Butterfly Lace in Aqua x 4.5 yards *PAID
  16. (Joel Dewberry) Modern Meadow, Picnic Plaid in Sunglow x 1 yard *PAID
  17. (Joel Dewberry) Modern Meadow, Herringbone in Lake x0.5 yard *PAID
  18. (Amy Butler) Lotus, Morning Glory in Linen – 1 Yard *PAID
  19. (Timeless Treasures) Sweetheart, Cafe Mocha in Red – 1 Yard *PAID

Order List by Customer

  • Nurhakimah Kamil – #1, #2
  • Siti Azidah – #3 t0 #13
  • Huda Abd Kadir – #14, #15
  • Normaizura – #16, #17
  • Shawn Ng Meng Chinn – #18, #19

Track Code

Posted on 24th March

  • Nurhakimah Kamil – CD127196017MY
  • Siti Azidah – EN250357087MY
  • Huda Abd Kadir – EN250357215MY

Posted on 25th March

  • Normaizura – EN250357100MY
  • Shawn Ng Meng Chinn – PX122152249MY

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