yessss finally, the pre-order #18 has arrived! Thanks to my mum who went to the post office to pickup my packages. Apparently, there was a lil bit misunderstanding with the postman, and the delivery got delayed like 4 effing days! :pfft:

Ok, therefore all orders under Pre-Order #18 will be posted out this afternoon. Please check the Cotton Pre-Order #18 post for track codes.

Actually, the packages should arrive on 28th February. But (on 3rd March) I still haven’t heard/received news, note or what so eva from PosMalaysia. So, I called the Post Office… only to get scolded by the lady officer from Customer Services. ohmai?!! tak patut! Sangat tak puas hati, so I asked her to transfer my call directly to Bahagian Penghantaran dan Bungkusan.

bla..bla..bla..*gaduh-gaduh* to cut the story short, the officer from Bahagian Bungkusan agreed to re-send the package BUT on Sunday (sebab hari Khamis and Sabtu public holiday)?!!! argh, sangat lambat tu. Tak boleh jadi ni. So, I asked my mum to pickup the packages because I’m at work. Tapi jam sudah pukul 4.45 petang, sempat ke? Saya minta la posman tu tunggu sekejap.. huhu Nasib baik la pejabat pos dekat je dengan rumah, and nasib baik jugak ibu mau tolong :ops:

huuuuuh! sangat drama ok! :pfft:

Hopefully this will never happened again *yeah keep on dreaming* (cause I’ve filed complaints to the post office like a million times already~~ what leeer)! argh… :panic: the downside of online shopping. I hate it when the delivery got delayed because of poor postal services. huh, bersabar aje lah. Pos Malaysia selalu macam tu. kan? kan?

Anyhooo… lets feast our eyes shall we?!!! :love: my fave is (Amy Butler) Love, Bliss Bouquet in Emerald. Sangat cantik kalau buat baju kurung… aaaahhhh :hehe:

Amy Butler Love Bliss Bouquet in Emerald

5 thoughts on “Cotton Previews #1

  1. nurayuni says:

    you are so right. amy butler punya sgt cantik. combination colour sgt cantik. i sgt suka cotton. but you know lah, quite expensive. my mom pn suka jugak. br nk tunjuk kain2 nih kt dia tapi dia dah beli kt tmpt lain, Tesco The Curve. u bykkn amik cotton from amy butler yer. corak2 dia sgt cantik. i akan order kt you SOON!!! 😉

    • Shambie Adzhan says:

      yess, i totally love Amy Butler's design.. :inlove: timelesss and seswai jugak untuk buat baju.. hehe i have a few yang tak siap² pun jadi baju. ntah bila la.. too busy for sewing, sempat jahit beg je skit².. hehe

      btw, if u wanna order, you can look under Category Pre-Order List for current batch eh. Ready stock banyak dah habes.. hehe

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