Hiatus for 1 week vacation! yeay 1

:panic:  wah laa?!! it’s effing cold in Seoul!! :ops:

Yes!!! I will be going to Seoul with my BFFs for 6 days from 13th March till 18th March! yippey yayayy~ really can’t wait. Nak pergi noreabang and nak makan kimchi chigae plus ddeokbokki sepuas hati. Yerp, I know… you can get korean food here in Malaysia, tapi mesti tak sama dengan Korean punya kan? hehe 😀

Oh, tidak dilupa. Perkara paling best! Ingin shopping juga.. :ops:

Honestly, I’m so tired and exhausted with office work. Asyik outstation ke sana sini. Penat la~ nak menjahit pun tak sempat tauuuu~ :yuck: Hmmm..I really need this vacation. No, I deserved this 1 week off! 😛

Anyhooo.. this Online Store…  :ops:

is going on hiatus from

12th March till 21st March!

Business (and email replies) will resume as usual after that. Hopefully the stock for Pre-Order #19 will arrive on the 21st, so that delivery can be made on the 23rd March.

Hiatus for 1 week vacation! yeay 2

Ok lah. Off to look for big-big-luggage. Baru terhegeh-hegeh nak packing!!! Winter jacket pun takde lagi. Pandai betul lah~ :pfft:

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