Hi alls 🙂 I just got back from Ipoh!

phew :yuck: it was a very tiring journey, from Terengganu to Ipoh. Mau patah pinggang duduk dalam kereta berjam-jam~ Singgah di R&R Tapah, wow sangat cantik.  Love the surroundings and level of cleanliness. My friend said that this R&R won the best R&R last year, I didn’t know cause I’ve never been to this side of Malaysia before. Not by car lah. Anyway, kudos to them for keeping the place nice and clean.

Fast Update #2 1

Kenapa laa tak semua R&R cantik dan bersih macam tu? :ops:

Like I’ve mentioned before, my housemate moved out. So Jaja (my other housemate) and me did major house cleaning last weekend and it was tiring but satisfying! Now the house is kinda empty 😛 hmm… nak kena tambah perabut, shelving and some wall decoration wud be nice~

Fast Update #2 2

Ini ruang tamu!

aaah.. bila dapat menjahit ni? I’m so tired from the traveling here and there.

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