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Been quite busy with my office work lately. In case some of you didn’t know. I work as a system analyst, and my main job scope is to handle database and integration. Right now we are in the middle of 2 major projects, involving ePayment and business registry. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks! Not that I’m complaining, work is work right. And I’ve learned quite a lot, new technology and all 😆
What my concern is, I’ve noticed a significant decline in my Instagram engagement and reach. Instagram keep changing the algorithm and I think I’ve been shadowban for using auto posting apps not approved by Instagram. .
Rumor has it, Instagram is showing my posts to only 7% of my followers. That’s only 500+- of you 😑 No wonder we hardly see you anymore. It’s kinda frustrating. Maybe Instagram want us (the business account) to spend money on “promoting” our post 🤷‍♀️
Are you experiencing the same thing?
Anywho… if you see this post, please give it a LIKE or HELLO in the comments! Hopefully by doing this, we can trick the algorithm and you’ll be able to see more of my posts again.
Hopefully 😘
via Instagram http://bit.ly/2Md4bZ7

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