Finished making these 4 Easy Clutches today! Oooooh so 5 more to go?!! :panic: :ops:

E-mails have been sent out to the respective owners, hopefully they can reply within 3 days. Or else, I will sell these to the next request in line. huhuhuuuu~~

Remake Request List for June 2010

Easy Clutch - Attack of the Bees

Hmmm… here’s a peek if you are wondering what’s the inner looks like 😉

For your info, this Easy Clutch is roomy enough to fit 2 mobile phones, 1 compact powder, 1 Ohimesanâ„¢, lipgloss, car keys and etc. Measures at 11 inches wide and 5.5 inches height.

Shambijoux Store's Creation - Easy Clutch

Easy Clutch - Inner

Ok, thats for today! Gonna be making more, yeay! Aja-aja fightin’ :cheer:

:heart: Love, Shambie :heart:

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