I’m out of this skull print!!!

To err is human, to ARR is pirate!

Yeay, I started sewing again! 😉 Its been long time since I ‘make’ something^^ haha 😆

Totally happy making this one and I’m gonna let you have it!!! :hehe:

owh I love CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow~


  • Name : Arrr! I’m an Undercover Pirate
  • Breed : Unique
  • Style : Envelope
  • Material : Cotton
  • Body : Interfacing, batting, board
  • Closure : Magnetic snap
  • Wristlet : Silver chain
  • Dimension (inch) : 11 x 6 inch

4 thoughts on “Easy Clutch – I’m an Undercover Pirate

    • Shambie Adzhan says:

      hehe thanks! 😉
      fabric gurly2 memang ada, masa je tiada. i'm slowly getting on the right pace.
      slow-slow start menjahit balik!!!

      aja-aja fighting^^ :ops:

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