Weee helloOOoo everyone! I love my new curtains!! :inlove:

Shambie's new curtains
Shambie's new curtains

I’ve always wanted white curtains. White curtains are awesome, because they can easily brighten up the room. But the problem is, white can be a tad boring, right? So, I’ve decided to add a lil bit of color and cutenessssss! Found super cheap black polka dots fabric and used it for the loops. Then I sew bows with pin-back for the final touches.

Cute?!! What do you think??

Well, these are super easy to sew and easy on the budget too!

Cost for 10 pieces of curtains;

  • Fabric (28 meters x RM2) – RM56
  • Polka Dots polyester cotton for the bows and loops (2 meters x RM2) – RM4
  • White Velcro snaps (for the loops) – from my craft supply
  • Pin back (for the bows) – from my craft supply

Hmm all I can say is, the total cost is less than RM80. Time taken to sew ? hehe let’s not get into that part! :ops:

2 thoughts on “My new white curtains

  1. aRninas says:

    very very nice.. i'm planning to get that curtain material for myself too but with beige or soft yellow colour. Where do you get the fabric if u don't mind to share?

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