I dunno why but I just love “mustache”—like in the picture below. I think it’s cute and adorable.. :ops:

Mustache Disguise

I was browsing The Spoonflower (where you can design, print and sell your own fabric designs) and I’ve found nearly 100 designs with mustache prints! My fave are these two, and I was thinking of purchasing 1 yard for each design but it cost a bomb!

Mustache Kitties

Homaigaaaad! Isn’t this cute?!  :cheer: 😆 :cheer:

Kitties + Mustache = AWESOMENESS

mustache gallery

I can see this turned into a simple tote bag.

etsy finds mustache tote bag
Mustache Canvas Bag by theboldbanana

Hmm is it too expensive? …but still, they are too cute to be ignored! I had to have these!!! hahahahhahah  :hehe: 😆 :ops:

Can’t grow a beard?

Just make one for yourself! 😆 Use this Mustache Disguise – Printable Template by Easy Makes Me Happy.

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