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Made from calico fabric. Available in 2 types, one with polyester straps and another with fabric straps.

*more detailed pictures will be added later*


Measurements are (might be plus/minus half inch);

  • 17 inch width
  • 15 inch height
  • 20 inch length (strap)
  • 7.5 inch center width between strap
  • 2 inch depth

Currently we are doing promo on this item and discount will be given for bulk purchases 😉 email us if you are interested!

You can now purchase the plain tote bags straight from our catalog. Postage fee will be calculated during checkout. And ooh, don’t forget to use the promo code okay? (COUPON CODE WILL BE EXPIRED ON 1st MARCH)

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19 thoughts on “Plain totes for your crafty needs!

  1. aku.karma@gmail.com says:

    where is your shop located? if i wanna buy, can i just pick the item from ur shop, so it will save the postage costs?

    • Shambijoux Store says:

      Hi there.. we do not owna physical shop. We operate fully ONLINE, from home :p Delivery is via Poslaju and rate offered is based on Pos Malaysia 😉

      Anyway.. Thank you for your interest! Do let us know if you would like to place an order.

    • Shambijoux Store says:

      Hi Nadiah. Yes it still still available. And currently we have 50 pcs in ready stock for this (plain tote bag calico with nylon strap). Pls contact us for details ye 😉 number to reach is at the bottom of the page

    • Shambijoux Store says:

      yes it is still available. For price, details and order… pls go to ‘Art and Craft Supplies’ (link in above navigation). tq 🙂

  2. DiYexplore says:

    All your products is very expensive. Plain tote bags must be cheaper because it can be consider as eco bag. Plus everyone can make it on their own by watching a very easy tutorial on youtube or just simply buy the fabrics and hire a tailor to sew it. RM 15 for one plain tote bag is pretty ridiculous. You can buy a yard of canvas with only RM 13.90. WAKE UP MALAYSIAN

    • Shambijoux Store says:

      Hi 🙂 tq for your feedback. I priced my tote bags accordingly.. Made these bags myself. Everyone has their own option to buy from anyone they want. Or to make it on their own. You can import from China, labor cost quite cheap there, hence the cheap product. But I’m not sure bout the quality tho. If you need tutorials on how to make these, I can point you to some. Anyway.. When you know how a business really works, then you know I don’t get much profit making these bags. I’m sorry you can’t afford our handmade bags. Do email me, I’ll give you a coupon code if you need one 😉 Well, my last word is, time equals money.


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