Shambijoux Store diy galaxy chevron

Material & Things Needed

  • Black fabric/paper for the base
  • Sponge that’s a little bit uneven
  • Nail polishes in purple, blue, turquoise, white **this depends on the effect you want
  • Tape


  1. Mark every 3cm along the width of your fabric.
  2. Measures and mark 1.5cm vertically from each of those points.
  3. Use the tape to connect the dots from alternating rows, to create peaks and valleys.
  4. Time to paint!
  5. Sponge on white nail polish, dab on your fabric.
  6. Next, use blue and turquoise nail polish, dab on top of white and not to cover everything.
  7. Then do the same with purple.
  8. Let dry, then peel off the tape to reveal your awesome intergalactic chevrons.

Shambijoux Store Galaxy Chevron

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