Yosh, new pictures uploaded at my flickr acc.

This is a new design for my clutch purses collection! White with black polka and a lil bit fancy. This new purse design is decorated with black lace, a black ribbon and diamonds attached, complete with matching button. Selling at RM25. Code name : CP04.

Lets call this “Punk Retro”!
**sesuai kan name ni ?

CP04 Punk retro!

hoho i changed the name for my Afro Invasion pillow case to Effi Alfie!
**sebab Afro Invasion tu tajuk cerita porn..tak caya? check kat IMDB, i tanak la buat kontroversi kan~
Effi means happy (according to ahkak Artgeex! LOL) and Alfie is the afro dude’s name!

Effi Alfie

I made another design to suit girly-retro-gals and named it “Effi Ellie“.

Effi Ellie

This one (PC04-1) will be selling at RM8 only, a lil bit of color bleed.

**kira macam pair la ngn Alfie… senang crita Ellie ngan Alfie ni couple!

I’ll be adding a few new designs for my clutch collection’s and pillow cases! soon…!

3 thoughts on “Me in lala land

  1. aeisha says:

    i hate you. but i need those fuscia!!! anyway, my birthday is indeed nearing.. eh jap.. birthday ko bile ye..maaf deh~ bz dgn kerja. kalau udah lepas, happy belated bday!!

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