Ohimesan series in 4 flavors

Introducing a fresh new look and handy mini pouch, a perfect way to hide your pantyliner and sanitary pads. Carry them proudly in your hand!

🙂 neat! Ohimesan series is available in 4 flavors, you can purchase them at my online store for RM3.50 each.

Ohimesan series in 4 flavors

2 slots in Ohimesan

These Ohimesan(s) are made using 4 japanese cotton fabrics that I’ve purchased on 27th Jun, 2007. And 2 Pinku Ohimesan(s) were given away as bloggo-freebies!

Aku sentiasa bawa extra pad dalam handbag, tapi susah nak simpan(sorok) :lol:…
Jadi aku terpikir la nak buat mini pouch ni. Aku harap Ohimesan ini berguna kepada wanita-wanita sekalian!
Ya, sekarang anda tidak perlu malu lagi.

Fret no more, Ohimesan(s) are too cute to be ashamed of!

Tell me if you like it or not! 😎

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