Super slow, damness!

I’m using my super slow computer, urgh its irritating… feel like slapping the monitor each time (i’m not kidding you!). Life is hectic, picking up paces after a week off from work! But I’m loving each day~ hehe 😉

Parcel, packages and gifts.

Went to the post office yesterday to sent out the gifts for Jezmine and dearest darl Lohq. Lohq called this morn, he already received the card I’ve sent using Enveluv. And the package arrived safely, plus he loves the baby blue cardy that I gave him! yeay~

turtle brooch

I gave Mine a unique brooch in the shape of a turtle! Its so cute and I hope she will like it! 🙂

Stuff bought online…

Fabric - theme : skull (bought from Boqinana)

It cost me 4AUD. Loving the fabric. More at Boqinana‘s store on eBAY.

Givenchy Watch - 4000yen

Bought this baby for my daddy on Yahoo! Japan auction. Manage to get this watch for 4000yen only! yeay!

Coming soon to!!

50pcs for RM40 - faux pearls

Will be selling these faux pearls for RM4 for 50 pieces.

Faux Crystal - RM4 for 40pcs

and these faux crystal beads RM4 for 40 pieces. Both are available in a variety of colors!

I need rest…

I’m cooking spaghetti tomorrow, a treat for my office mate. Have a nice weekend everyone!

9 thoughts on “Fast Update 4

  1. Tny says:

    What? Blue turtle.. cantek 🙂 Unik sungguh..

    Owh.. kTny pun penah guna Enveluv sent card utk KL 😉
    Pastu penah plak, after that send untuk family [d alamat yg lain drp yg d register] tp sampai kepada my dear KL jugak!! Gggrr..

  2. jezmine says:

    thanks soo much love… i xde tim nak browse org punye blogs.. sedihkan. i truly love it, and so did my friends.. thanks again, i ambik pic u tau, coz gambar i cuba ambik sucs and blurry… thanks love..

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