A customer asked for add-on handles. I use white cotton webbing, refer to the pictures! :aww:

Add-on available for only RM3!!!


Btw, a customer emailed me a suggestion;

i have a suggestion here, is it possible to make a compartment outside of the laptop sleeve, like a piece of cloth attach to it, so we can slip in hard drives, cd or pendrives in it. just a suggestion, it would be very convenient. =D
– wern

Herm, I’m still thinking on how to incorporate an outside compartment… Don’t want it to be too bulky right? Maybe a small slot the sized of a cd??? 😉

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Easy Sleeve with handle

  1. Ashley TwoFish says:

    thanks for the handle, you’ve done an amazing job. the handle looks as good as the bag and i’m loving it! fits my laptop nicely but needs to be careful cuz the first few inch it’s too tight and the zip ‘scratches’ the side. but gorgeous fabric!

  2. shambie adzhan says:

    I tempah dekat Kota Bharu… Docnan
    Minimum order is 100 dozens, price varies according to thread colors and size~

    Currently, I don’t have their contact number but you can check at their website, ok? 😉

  3. kent says:

    Hi, the deisgn is nice.:) Do you have msn messanger or email perhaps we can exchange ideas i m looking for E-entrpreneur like u .:) thanks ..

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