hehe I made these brooches like long long time ago, but haven’t got the chance to snap pictures and put it into catalog. Actually, I forgot where I put them… this is a prove that how disorganized I am, gah^^ :ops:

Wooden Birds

So, I spent my morning rearrange my studio, repair my working table and yes… I’ve found my wooden cut brooches stashed away in my cupboard. lalala~ :blush: I should be more organized rite?!! hehe

Very cute wooden brooches~

Miss Magpie Series Brooches 2

I made these using imported 2″ wooden cuts, with pin brooches glued on the back. I only have 7 of these available, priced at RM10 each. Comes with cute packaging and gift tags, yeay^^ 🙂

**Postage fee only RM1**

This bird was made by using vintage illustrations of birds, applying the paper images to 1/8″ thick Baltic birch board and then cutting the birds with a laser cutting machine. Reverse painted black.

Definitely a unique brooch to be worn! Buy Miss Magpie Series at BJX.STORE now~

p/s: ini bukan burung magpie pun kan? hehe

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