I get this question a lot! To make things easier here’s the price list for plain tote bags.

Plain Tote Bag Black Strap Price

Plain Tote Bag Fabric Strap Price

Bags are made of calico fabric or cotton canvas. Available with two options for the strap;

  • Fabric (same material as bag)
  • Black polyester strap

Why the extra RM2 for the fabric strap? Because we had to cut, iron and sew it together which takes more time and energy to make :p (of course haha!)

Btw, these are made to order and will be done in 2 weeks. But it depends on materials available in hand because it’s hard to find good quality calico/canvas nowadays.

Please email us if you are interested to order 🙂 and no, we can’t accept express orders.

One thought on “Pricing for plain tote bags

  1. Nurul says:

    Hi there, do you do shipping to singapore because im interested to buy these plain tote bags in bulk. Hope to hear a fast reply from you, thank you.

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