Finally, after the countless sleepless night (exaggerating here) I received the package last Thursday (18th June, 2009) and love love love it so much!!! :inlove:

6 yards for you lovely dearies and another 2 yards are for me. Oh my, I’m addicted with cotton… :ops:  I buy more cottons every month my fabric drawer is getting crowded. But still, I can’t stop ok~ :panic: Wanna see what I have in my stash??! I should prolly do another post on this right? keh keh^^ :blush:

So, here’s a sneak to these lovely cotton. Pack and ready to go! :aww:


Order List (for Preorder #3)

  1. Anna Maria Fanfare in Rose – 2 yards
  2. Amy Butler Martini in Tangerine – 2 yards
  3. Amy Butler Martini in Fuchsia – 0.5 yard
  4. Amy Butler Coriander in Olive – 0.5 yard
  5. Amy Butler Daisy Bouquet in Forest – 0.5 yard
  6. Amy Butler Wallflower in Sky – 0.5 yard


  • Order # 100000039 : CD154084718MY
  • Order # 100000040 : CD154084704MY

Sent using Pos Malaysia’s Parcel on 21st June, 2009.

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