Previously, we used cotton canvas for the bags. But.. our supplier is running low on this material. We had trouble searching for the right material to use as a substitute for making our plain totes.

Therefore, now we will be using this kind of material (refer to picture below), it is unbleached natural cotton and is medium weight. The color is natural cream and contains black spots which are cotton seeds.

Fabric for plain totes - natural unbleached cotton

Now.. You can customize your bag with or without base, depth measures at 2 inch.

Plain tote base

Bags can be purchased here, and it is made to order. Will take 2-3 weeks to make. Please make sure that is fine with you before ordering.

Please note that orders will be processed after payment is made 😉

Buy plain tote, drawstring, and pouch bag

6 thoughts on “Plain totes details

    • Shambijoux Store says:

      Hi 🙂 still open for order tp lambat skit siap sbb skrang busy dgn Raya orders.

    • Shambijoux Store says:

      Harga ikut fabric dan jenis tali.. dan awak boleh tgk details dan order dekat sini

      Tali kain – RM9.00
      Tali Nylon- RM7.50

      Cotton Canvas
      Tali kain – RM10.50
      Tali Nylon- RM9.50

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