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[audio:Arctic%20Monkeys%20-%20Mardy%20Bum.rbs] Now then Mardy Bum, I’ve seen your frown… Laughs and jokes around~ Remember cuddles in the kitchen…

I’ve promised for lotsa bloggo freebies right? I’m sorry there will be none, for the time being. I’m stuck with a lot of things right now, I can’t think straight! *serabut*

Interviews and still jobless. *sigh*
Have a PTD test on this coming Saturday and AM PANICKING right now because I’m totally unprepared. God, help me please~ Last saturday, I filled out an application for the post of Pegawai Eksekutif Sistem Maklumat under Lembaga Hasil Dalam Malaysia and I’m still waiting for my last interview’s result. InsyaAllah, if ada rezeki… I’ll have a decent job, soon!

A new printer! BIG yeay for me~
My father bought a new printer for me! It is a Canon Pixma iP3300 priced at RM280 (yeah, thanks to him, luckily he’s willing to pay for it as I can’t really afford to buy one right now… huhu) I’ve been using my Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-1000SP for ages, so this new printer is like an enigma to me. (sounds pathetic? I am :p ) Finally, a printer that can fulfill all my creative needs!
Canon Pixma iP3300

Still working on my Retrobabe!
I’m doing re-coding on’s osCommerce to turn it into a table-less structure! So far, so good! Can’t wait to get it finish… Please, I’m sick of the hideous layout! Enough with the tables ok~
Retrobabe theme - in progress

Driving lessons, 7 more hours to go!
Then Viva is mine~ muahaha!!! My dad bought a Perodua Viva in Pearl Jade, nice! (to be honest, I don’t really like the color… huhu)~
Perodua Viva Car

I’m missing him la…

7 thoughts on “a cute frown, mardy bum

  1. shambie adzhan says:

    heh jeles takpe, dengki jangan~

    alhamdulillah rezeki my dad banyak sekarang..
    i remember when i was small, kami sekeluarga cukup makan pakai je..
    kami bukan dibesarkan dengan kemewahan dan tidak diajar/disogok dengan kebendaan..

    kalau nak sesuatu, kena usaha nak beli walkman pon aku simpan duit.. even my PC pon i used my own money~

    sekarang je bapak aku bermurah hati nak belikan itu ini, itu pun sebab aku berani mintak… sebab belajar rajin2 dapat result cantik2 ;;) (tapi tak dapat kerje lagiiiiii… lalala~)

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