haha it’s been days since my last entry… 🙂

New flavors for Ohimesan™ Series

Been busy making Ohimesan™(s), loads of them! In fact I’ve finished making 20 Ohimesan™(s) this week! fuh~~ and now I’m adding 6 new flavors to the store (and more to come!) which are,

  1. Black Meadow Ohimesan
  2. Hearty Hearts Ohimesan
  3. Mary in Blue Ohimesan
  4. Mary in Red Ohimesan
  5. Psychedelic Wave Ohimesan
  6. Thistle Cherry Ohimesan

Prices may vary since the fabrics are slightly costly. Prices of each Ohimesan are from RM3.50 to RM4.50. English cotton cost more than Japanese Cotton, but I love them both and don’t mind buying because the quality is good (and also if the design is eye-catching!).

Online shopping, are you up for it?

I’m addicted to online shopping, comfortable buying things online and I don’t mine buying from outer Malaysia. I spent more time at home (and in front of the PC) and didn’t have the chance to go shopping. I only have Fizzy and Sirah to go out with every weekend, if not… I went out with my mum to shop for fabrics and sewing materials.

Jezmine, to her… fashion is everything!

By the way, Jezmine is selling a few of her clothes and bags, so do check them out at her blog. I love her style, she rawks! I booked 2 red bags from her which price at RM30 and RM35, will be paying her next week. (sekarang tidak ada duit lagi~ huhu)

MNG red bag - RM30

Red Carrier - RM35

Fabric Fetish~

I’m very addicted with vintage/retro-ish fabrics or any beautiful fabrics, especially Amy Butler’s! (siapa boleh tolong belikan Amy Butler’s? siapa yang dok oversea la~ *wink wink*) Bought 7 different fabrics last week, haha! Most are used to make Ohimesan™(s).

Paper toys, very cheap and kawaii!

Since I (*cough* *cough* my dad-la) bought Canon IP3300, I love downloading paper toys and printing them on Art Card. It’s fun and cheap (plus so kawaii too). Check Ready Mech for free flatpack toys, it will only take 10-15 minutes of your time to build one! Enjoy!

I’ve downloaded Pink by Jules… This is still in flat mode! A very kawaii onna in kimono! *love love*

Me’Rumpun’ bersama, ayuh kita!

Selamat Harijadi buat saudara MohdIsmail dan tepukan gemuruh untuk beckzaidan di atas [dot]com beliau. Para bloggers (yang berblog dalam Bahasa Malaysia)… ayuh, ketemu di Rumpun’07!!! (aku ni termasuk dalam kategori ke tak haa?? sebenarnya, aku tak pasti lagi dapat pergi ke tak… huhu)

15 thoughts on “Addicted to online-shopping

    • shambie adzhan says:

      dem2..saje je ko nak remind aku..mesti la berdebar because I’m jobless at the mo!! lalala~ boleh aku buat rilek2 kan..

      aku apply 4 keje last week..tunggu yg tu jugak~ pening dah!

  1. jezmine says:

    hey shambie.. i truely love ur blog..
    cool giler.. havent got time to read everything yet.. nanti i nak go through all ur achives.. and i tgh blaja cari selok-belok ur blog ni..

  2. jezmine says:

    shambie… nak beli ur clutch yg punk polka dot tu!! best giler… postage sumer camner? nanti u contact me by fon k? 017*******… i suka sgt2… muaxs..
    ur hp num i put asterisks, takut bahaya apa2 la~ just to be cautious! 🙂 – {bie}

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