Well, have you ever bought something… online?
How much trust do you put when buying online?

Do tell, what matters do you considered before proceeding to purchasing something from a site. Give me as much feedbacks as you can on ‘online shopping’ as I am restructuring my online business.

As for me, I don’t mind buying something from a website, but with much precaution lah 🙂

Buying from eBay or any other site.

I have bought and sold a few things on eBay Malaysia and never been cheated or conned or conn someone. Lucky me and lucky you! 🙂 But it was only on local sites, because I have problems verifying my PayPal before this.

Fabric - theme : skull

And finally.. last month, my PayPal account has been verified. So, last night I have the courage and enough moolah to buy something from an international site. Bought something from eBay.AU using my PayPal and charge it to my credit card. Saja nak cuba. hehe If the thing that I bought came alrite, I’ll buy more stuff from the eBay store.

A Retro cool Threadless Tee

Between The Eyes by Ron Lewis - Threadless

and I’ve being eye-ing this Threadless Tee like a gazillion times already!!! Love the design, so neon-kewl and is definitely my taste. You know me, I have a thing for skull and retro-ish thingy! haha If I have enough cash, this is definitely going to be in my wardrobe! oyeah~

What happened to bjx.store?

bjxstore is still on hold!

owh crap!! I’m so busy with my day job and settling down at a new house, I don’t have time to focus on my online store. Received emails and IMs asking me bout bjx.store and wanting to be a stockist/reseller for my stuff. I’m overwhelmed by the interest that you’ve all shown.

Thanks everyone for supporting me all this while. You made me feel motivated to go on creating new stuff and continuing bjx.store!!! luv yah!!!

Currently, I’m restructuring the site and adding stocks. Its a helluva job cause I’m running a one-man show. I really need a helper/partner!

argh.. I better start working now lah! huhu

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