Yesterday was stupendous! Sold a few bracelets and necklaces to my colleagues. It was unintended actually, I was just showing them stuff from my BJX.STORE and the all love it. All the ladies were laughing excitedly, crazily trying each and every accessories and the men passed by us, with weird expressions on their faces. They must think we all had gone crazy, huh~ haha

Bracelets for MYR7 each

Made this bracelet using faux pearls and cyrstals (available in my store). Named this bracelets ‘Mini Choco Lolli’, cause they remind me of chocolates… hehe 🙂

Bracelet : Mini Choco Lolli

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and more to come

p/s : yes, my super slow computer! damness!

8 thoughts on “Crazy about beads and pearls

  1. nanayau says:

    aku nak beli cd goong tak dapat2 :p

    but its ok, take ur time. kalau ada kucing yg cam kau buat utk asni (yg asni dpt freegift, kasi to asib), aku nak order boleh?!! thanks!

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