Yosh! According to my schedule, June is a busy month! Had my 25th birthday last Tuesday, phew~ Though now I’m felling slightly uneasy, uncertain… Just got the news that my dad is going to be transfered to Bintulu, Sarawak. *sigh*

25th Birthday!

Thanks everyone who wished me happy birthday, and my house mate bought me a SLICE of fattening chocolate cake. Yipppe! Maybe a bigger healthier Secret Recipe’s cake, tomorrow.

BJX.STORE, revamp.

I thank MohdIsmail for introducing me to Magento. I feel in love with Magento, after seeing their impressive, well designed and professional looking platform. After a month tweaking, playing around with the codes and sql… I came with the new revamp BJX.STORE! w0ot!

new bjxstore revamp

To start on a new leaf, I’m clearing all the old stocks with a HUGE price slash. So, head over to the Clearance Section. I have to retake new pictures of the old stocks with my 400D, so be patient.

As I said earlier, I’m gonna be damn busy this month. Sad to say, I can no longer accept CUSTOM MADE orders. Items availability are based on current stock. I try to re-stock every Sunday though. For easier update, I’d created a Twitter for BJX.STORE. So, do follow us, we might pop out a discount code once in a while!

You may noticed that our Infos, FAQ and About Us sections are still incomplete. I’m waiting for my Content Writer, much to discuss with her. She’s on holiday.

Coming soon, new products!

Finally, I’m done with the laptop sleeves. Took me ages to finish it, and the truth is… it is so damn easy to make. My brain got jammed inside the box.

img 3067

I call this, Easy Sleeve, initially it was meant for my 12inch laptop but the measurement was incorrect unfit for my laptop. So, I’m thinking of turning this into Easy Clutch or perhaps a Fabric Folder. This is only a prototype, but I have so much ideas for customization on this. Like adding strap and compartment! w0ot!

owh btw, my embroidery machine will be send to me end of this month! weeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Freebies! Freebies! Freebies!

Oyeah, before I forgot… freebies for you. Check out the Stationery Section.

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