I’m doing a wardrobe clean out. Apparently, there’s a huge stash of clothes that does not fit me anymore (urgh… a painful reminder that I’ve gained extra kilos!). I’m wearing hijab now, and definitely short skirts are a no-no for me. Those short sleeves tight fitting tees too. hehe 😉

I’ve divided the clothes, clothes that still in very good condition (or I seldom wear them) are for sale. Another lot is to be given to charity. There are lots of baju kurungs too, worn a few times and still looking new. I can’t pass it down to my sister, she’s a size bigger than me.

preloved item
» Black Cropped Tank RM8

Preloved item
» Something Else Graphic Tee RM10

More to come, soon.

Huge price slash on OLD Stocks

Like i said before, I’m clearing out BJX.STORE’s old stock. Haven’t finish taking pictures of the items, so currently I only have pictures of these two clutch. Originally, these are priced at RM22 but there are a little stain on both clutches. So, the new selling price is RM15 each. Details are at BJX.STORE.

» Sexy Butterfly RM15

» Retrobabe RM15

Big Easy Clutch, coming soon.

This is my first prototype, and really glad it turned out ok (not like my previous laptop sleeve, lunyai dikerjakan). The outer material is from Amy Butler’s Midwest Collection. I should change the black snap button to magnetic purse snap. Anyone know where can I buy magnetic purse snap? (Do I have to order them online, postage cost me more these days because of the petrol price hike lah!)

» the first prototype was given to Cik Pokok a.k.a Miss Content Writer as birthday present

Easy Clutch

Complete with 2 compartment and 1 zipped compartment. Medium batting and interfacing to maintain shape and sturdiness. Metal strap is detachable. This is a big clutch, sized at 11″ width and 6″ height. Suggested selling price is RM45. My aim is to get it done this weekend, 6 clutches. Weeeee!

If you have suggestions and opinions, do share. Thanks 😉

I want chocolate cake, a BIG slice!

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