Introducing a new design for our Clutch Collection. I call this ‘Easy Clutch’, simple yet practical. This Easy Clutch is available in AT LEAST in 21 flavors! wow~ that’s a lot to choose from.

This clutch is CUSTOM MADE to order, which means;

  1. You can choose your desirable flavor (for outer body) from the swatch
  2. Choose the flap’s color
  3. Choose the chain strap (gold or nickel)
  4. Wait for 1 week, for production
It’s best for me to match the flap, chain type and swatch myself to ensure color coordination. right? 😉

img 3250 5

Easy Clutch?? Details please…

The outer body is made from cotton fabrics (yes, its cotton… not leather or synthetic material) with medium weight interfacing. Medium weight interfacing helps maintaining the shape but will lose shape if handled vigorously.

img 3313 15 img 3256 6

The flap is from satin-like fabrics interfaced with firm heavy weight interfacing, backed with cardboard stabilizer so it will remain in shape.

img 3262 8 img 3309 14

For interior, I use floral prints with mid loft batting… to give the clutch some sort of puffiness and shape. Opps, no mini pockets and no zip. Just 1 compartment to stash you stuff in.

img 3259 7 img 3293 12

  • Dimension : 11″ x 5.5″
  • Height (Flap) : 4″
  • Chain : 2 choices (gold or nickel)
  • Chain length : *will add this later
  • Compartment : 1 only, NO ZIP
  • Closure : Sew-on Black Snap Button
  • Outer : Cotton
  • Interior : Floral prints, medium batting
  • Flap : Satin-like fabrics

img 3288 9

Color swatch for flavors!

Currently I’m using Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern Fabric Collection. Midwest Modern collection is divided into 3 color palettes, Orange Dahlia, Ohio Sky and Pink Dahlia.

palette pd

For Pink Dahlia, quote PD{swatch num}. For example; PD1

Oppps! PD1, PD2 is not available!

palette od

For Orange Dahlia, quote OD{swatch num}. For example; OD10

palette os

For Ohio Sky, quote OS{swatch num}. For example; OS4

Color flap and chain details will be added later! I have to squeeze time for shooting session, the weather is not good these days.

So, you can place your order by;

  • text : 017 608 6147
  • email :
  • shopping cart : will be added soon 😉
Don’t forget to mention your name, contact details and swatch code and quantity (of course)! Please bear in mind that you have to wait ‘1 week for 1 clutch’ cause I have a very demanding day job! I do prep on weekdays (cutting the materials) and sew on weekends only.

If you are willing to wait, you can order~ 😉

Easy Clutch, available for order.

Updated 20/06/2008 :

Waaaaaa! OMG~ I received 15 orders just in 2 days!! Sad to say, I’m temporarily not accepting new orders on Easy Clutch so that i can focus on making these lovely 15 clutches. I hope you all can understand, because its handmade~ 😉 I heart you! ?

img 3304 13

Only at RM39.90 for a promotional price, exclusively at BJX.STORE.

*what! my lightbox is not working~ i shud take a peek at the codes *pfft

**phew, what a looooong entry!

40 thoughts on “New product — Easy Clutch

  1. quirka says:

    hi shambie, got to know your products from emmagem. awesome items! by the way, i love shinzi katoh fabrics, have you heard of it? it’s very cute!

  2. Angela says:

    Hi Shambie, I like your clutch very very much! It’s custom made, right? So how do I choose the cloth pattern and how to order? Please include more details.

    Actually I need one for a dinner party next week, is it possible? Oh, I just love the design!!!

  3. tinytapir says:

    Squeeee! Your clutches are GREAT! Can you email me at I want to buy one.

    I also want to wholesale some of your pad bags for my store.

    If you’re interested in shinzi katoh, i have a wholesale account with them I can bring in some fabrics for you.

  4. jamieling says:

    Your clutches are GREAT! Can you how to contact u, I want to buy one.
    the Clutches that hav show in the picture wil do,..thanks

  5. Norul says:

    Hey Shambie

    Those clutches looked too cute. And the fabrics are adorable. But, too bad I’m not into clutches. I bet they’ll look great as sling bags as well. If you’re planning to design sling bags aswell, do email me.

    Have a great day 🙂

  6. quirka says:

    hi shambie,
    oh yes shinzi katoh is very famous for his fabrics! i surf his site everyday drooling on the products!

    p/s i love polka dots too! teehee!

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  8. Sublady says:

    hey babes,
    love your clutches!
    too bad i found your site too late for those older ones…
    anyway…are you planning to bring in more fabric choices for this easy clutch?

    • shambie adzhan says:

      owh dear, sorry. currently the order are closed.. 🙁
      but i’ll be accepting new orders once I’m done with the current one!

      perhaps in 2 weeks time! keep checking back 😉

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    • shambie adzhan says:

      huhu terima kasih :inlove:
      jangan risau, lepas ni kalau order untuk Easy Clutch ni re-open… i will e-mail everyone with updates, tapi siapa cepat dia dapat lah 😀

  10. shea says:

    email me when u’v re-open ur order takes k!! me want to get my hands on ur adorable clutches…b4 raya boleh dpt x?then I can brag with my cuzzies…haha

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