Phew~ :aww: After my new handmade, clutch creation was out in the public, I received so many good feedback plus ORDERS too! I’m so happy, because people actually want to buy my creation. heeehe

I’m the type that is always NOT confident with oneself :pfft: Argh… you must be rolling your eyes rite now, but that’s what I always felt. Used to sew and make crafty goods for oneself, but after word of encouragement (and a little push) from mommy and dearest friends, I’ve decided to sell my handmade goodies… so that I can share my love of crafting with everyone else!! :inlove:

So, if you have any comments, suggestions, critics, word of advice… love notes or even hate notes do tell. Owh yeah, please don’t be mad if I don’t reply your questions/email straight away. Maybe I was busy with work. But I’ll try to reply as quick as possible.

and owh yes, a big thanks to Karen from EMMAGEM for featuring Easy Clutch on their website. Got A LOT of trafic from their website! :love:

First Batch Order for Easy Clutch

Here’s the list of first batch orders; totaling 15 clutches~ weee!!! For customer #4 – #7, its nearly done! Hoping to get it done by 12th Aug.

“Name – Order” means; marked DONE! :cheer:

  1. Joey Bong – PD2
  2. Li Chan – PD2, OS2
  3. Halina Zairi – PD6
  4. Shuey – PD1
  5. Felicia – OD2
  6. Mira – PD1
  7. Wizurai – PD1
  8. offline orders

Status for Easy Clutch — Order #1

:ops: herm all i can say its 20% done! (how you define 20 percent ahhh??) argh, btw… my sewing machine broke down at this critical moment.  😡 So, now I can only use my mom’s sewing machine on weekends. *bleh

When your orders are nearly done… I’ll let you know the payment and postage details via email and text messages. Aja aja fighting for me!

Updated August 9th, 2008

OMG! :ops: hehe its waaaay overdue. I’m swamped with work right now. And I’ll be away, for 2 weeks (craaaaaaazy)… without Internet!! Its work related… *sigh*

I’ll send text to Customers #1 – #3, regarding payment and shipping. Right now, I need rest~

Easy Clutch - OS2, PD6, PD2

Easy Clutch - PD2

Payment Status (method)

  1. Joey Bong – full payment received
  2. Li Chan – full payment received
  3. Halina Zairi – payment received

Shipment Status (method)

  1. Joey Bong – processing (PosLaju on 12th Aug)
  2. Li Chan – processing (PosLaju on 12th Aug)
  3. Halina Zairi – pending

19 thoughts on “Easy Clutch — Order #1

  1. shuey says:

    im order no.4….oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh sangat excited to get my hands on the prettyyyyyyyyy clutches!!!! nak nak nak!! hihihih.. do e-mail me the payment details and all nanti ya!!

  2. shambie adzhan says:

    details di sini ya :inlove:

    as for others in the waiting list… maaf la kerana menunggu laaaaama! :ops:
    saya masih dalam proses membuatnya..

    baru balik dari kursus 2minggu, perasaan malas masih ada :hehe:

    nanti minggu depan akan ada update terkini yah psl EC!! jangan risau, saya akan email kamu semua~

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