At this point of writing, most of my clutches (older designs) in BJX.STORE are OUT OF STOCK! Wahla~ :cheer:

I should restock soon… a lot of people had been asking about Ohimesan™s and at this critical moment, my sewing machine decided to die, ceased from functioning! :panic: argh, I should demand a new borrow sewing machine from mommy!

I could die without my sewing machine, and my laptop~

Embroidery Sewing Machine

Owh btw, I’m totally hyped and excited… Purchased an embroidery sewing machine, will be delivered to me in early July! I have so many plans/designs sketched for this! So, you’ll be expecting a lot of things, EMBROIDERED… soon!

oh yes, the new sewing machine cost me RM6000! *gasp for air :yuck: 

5 thoughts on “Where all the bags gone?

  1. shambie adzhan says:

    itu la..seb baik mesin jahit ni boleh mendatangkan hasil lepas ni 😆 kalau tak, xdibeli nya.. 6ribu tu… *adeih pengsan sekali lagi

    diharap bisnes lebih mantap selepas ini..sekian 🙂

  2. maklang says:

    salam Shambie. Measin apa tu sampai 6K? Maklang beli Lux a few years back pun buat jualan jugak…at least dapat duit sikit…taklah rasa rusi sangat…

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