ekkk~ What’s wrong with you? You wanna spam my order box? 😡

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I fell sick, and got stuck with work!

huhu sick with flu and cough and its been a week already. :yuck: Haven’t got the time to go to the clinic plus its been a heavy downpour here lately. Well, day job is crazy and killing me! Had to stay back at the office until 1am! Aiiish~ ;(

Mail orders!

All of my mail orders had arrived. Plus my Threadless t-shirts bought during the short Threadless Summer Blockbuster Sale!. Hehe :cheer: I manage to grab 4!

I bought 10 meters of buble wrap meant for packaging my handmade goodies! Available in 10 meters for RM35 only.

Easy Clutch Batch #1 progress

Still in progress and much to be done! argh argh gone crazy! :panic:

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