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My new white curtains

Weee helloOOoo everyone! I love my new curtains!! :inlove: I’ve always wanted white curtains. White curtains are awesome, because they can easily brighten up the room. But the problem is, white can be a tad boring, right? So, I’ve decided to add a lil bit of color and cutenessssss! Found super cheap black polka dots fabric and […]

Laptop Sleeve (with strap)

I made this for a customer.. along time ago, back in 2008. Hmmm I want to create new things but so little time. sigh~ Sorry, I won’t be making any more of these.. Must finish the Remake List first. I should really spend less time tumblring/blogging and more time sewing stuff. haha! Ok bye! Off […]

Clutch – I Stole Your Keyboard

** this is an older entry from my previous personal blog ** yihaaa!!! I always wanted this, now its done done done^^ :happy: But kinda not liking the ‘quality’ of this clutch. Jahitan tak kemas~ benci benci benci :ops: (tapi suka) Cuba tengok jahitan piping hitam tu, senget-senget please! owh well, siapa suruh menjahit gopoh-gopoh~ […]

More homemade goodies

Hi all! Yes we are back with more goodies. I made these during my day off, 3 Easy Clutches (all sold) and 7 Ohimesan (available). Will definitely be making more Easy Clutches, the request is overwhelming. :cheer: Thank you… thank you… thank you! :inlove: Fancy something but the item is sold out? You can request […]

Is sewing again, yeay!

Hi guys! Can’t really remember when was the last time I pick up the tailoring scissors and sat down in front of the sewing machine creating ‘something’. I feel like I’ve lost my creative touch!  :pfft: I need motivation lah, but i’m the type of person thats easily distracted with everything (like Facebook? haha). I hate doing nothing […]

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