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I love Poppy Punch Print

I’ve received so many question about this print, many are interested in ordering this. And guess what… the good news is :cheer: this print is now back in stock. You can pre-order now, but bare in mind that the quantity is quite limited. To Order Order is closed! Submitted to supplier on 18th December. Fill […]

Cotton Pre-Order #24

Helllooooo000oooo fabric hoarders, We are back with loads of new designer fabric collections that you can pre-order! Now the price per yard is RM45 only, and if your total orders are 4 yards and above.. we’ll give you more discount! :cheer: This is the time to stock your stash.. haha! :p ** We also have […]

Cotton Pre-Order #23

Hi everyone.. Good news, the based price is still RM46 per yard! :cheer: Plus more discount will be given for orders totaling 4 yards and above! How cool is that?! You can save more 😉 Orders will be closed on 10th July, 2010. Prompt payment needed. For your info, this pre-order is only for quilt (medium) […]

Cotton Pre-Order #22

Hey hey it’s my birthday month 😉 So i’m giving you guys discounts on pre-order fabric. Base price will be RM46 per yard. Orders will be closed on 10th June, 2010. Prompt payment needed. Love, Shambie Browse Available Collection » Status : CLOSE From 5th June – 10th June. submitted to supplier the stock has […]

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