Fast Update #10

Hi friends! Its been long (way to long) since i write a post kan? I’ve been so sick… sudah 7 hari demam tapi tak nampak gaya makin sembuh pun~ :yuck: (aik, boleh pulak update blog :ops:) Masuk pejabat pun bukannya boleh buat kerja pun. Pening-pening, kemudian tertidur depan monitor. Nasib bos besar tak datang menjenguk. […]

Easy Clutch – I’m an Undercover Pirate

SOLD TO MEL! I’m out of this skull print!!! To err is human, to ARR is pirate! Yeay, I started sewing again! 😉 Its been long time since I ‘make’ something^^ haha 😆 Totally happy making this one and I’m gonna let you have it!!! :hehe: owh I love CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow~ Details Name : Arrr! […]

Just in! Black & White Envelope Clutch

  Artist : Tegan And Sara  Title : Wake Up Exhausted Album : So Jealous [audio:] Hehe hari ini produktif. Berjaya jahit Clutch ini, and I absolutely love it! Kalau berminat dengan Envelope Clutch ini, boleh la beli dari kedai online saya,  BJX.STORE. Clutch ni, tak lembik. Saya tak suka beg takde bentuk atau lembik. Jadi saya jahit […]

Minggu ini mesti produktif!

Bangun pagi mummy bising-bising. Ingat kan kenapa… rupanya sebab aku tertidur pakai T-Shirt Threadless (Vampire! by Olly Moss which i heart damn much :ops: ) kata dia, nanti makin cepat lusuh baju 😛 Malam tadi tonton cerita True Blood :inlove: asyik la… sampai terlupa nak tukar baju huhu :aww: mungkin sebab aku sangat intrigued dengan makhluk vampire ni, sexy macam Edward Cullen (owh ni stock adik-adik jambu ni :pfft: )

Wardrobe Destash #1 — Sneak Preview

Since most of my clothes will not fit me well, I’ve decided to destash most of them, to make room for new ones (??) huhu :ops: and uuu yeah, also letting go a few pairs of shoes and heels… Rather than seeing them collecting to dust eh? Most of it are still in good condition and some of them are like new and never worn.

New product — Gothic skull vintage cameo

I just add a new handmade good at BJX.STORE. This item is handmade from polymer clay using push mold. I smudged a little bit of gold paint in order to achieve the vintage look. Comes in a set of 2 cameos measures approximately 25x18mm in size. These cameos are flat back and can be glued to antique pendant settings! Very pirate-y – ARRRR!!!!