Addicted to online-shopping

haha it’s been days since my last entry… 🙂 New flavors for Ohimesan™ Series Been busy making Ohimesan™(s), loads of them! In fact I’ve finished making 20 Ohimesan™(s) this week! fuh~~ and now I’m adding 6 new flavors to the store (and more to come!) which are, Black Meadow Ohimesan Hearty Hearts Ohimesan Mary in […]

a cute frown, mardy bum

[audio:Arctic%20Monkeys%20-%20Mardy%20Bum.rbs] Now then Mardy Bum, I’ve seen your frown… Laughs and jokes around~ Remember cuddles in the kitchen… I’ve promised for lotsa bloggo freebies right? I’m sorry there will be none, for the time being. I’m stuck with a lot of things right now, I can’t think straight! *serabut* Interviews and still jobless. *sigh* Have […]

Retrobabe theme

dang! I’m far from done, ya know~ I’m working like crazy to finish up my Retrobabe theme for! Dah berzaman-zaman, tak siap-siap jugak! Last week, busy with interview and went to kuantan to visit my lil sis. This week pula busy mengisi borang untuk jawatan kosong for LHDN. Even layout blog shaxu tak siap-siap […]