FQ – (Katarina Roccella) Pandalicious, Yinghua in Cherrylight

RM 16.50 RM 15.68 / fat quarter

Group Buy Batch 16 - Now accepting pre-orders for Art Gallery Fabrics. Collection due to arrive in Late April 2018 and will start shipping on 30th April onwards. Yardage: Minimum order - 0.5 yard / Increment - 0.5 yard / Otherwise stated. Full payment required. Sale Price ends 31st March, 2018.

Fat Quarter cuts. Measures at 18" x 21" / 45.5cm x 53cm.

What is (FQ) Fat Quarter? -- A fat quarter is cut in a different way. You cut half a yard of fabric and then cut this piece in half across the length.

100% premium cotton, high quality manufactured by Art Gallery Fabrics. US imported.

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