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Fast Update #10

Hi friends! Its been long (way to long) since i write a post kan? I’ve been so sick… sudah 7 hari demam tapi tak nampak gaya makin sembuh pun~ :yuck: (aik, boleh pulak update blog :ops:) Masuk pejabat pun bukannya boleh buat kerja pun. Pening-pening, kemudian tertidur depan monitor. Nasib bos besar tak datang menjenguk. […]

BJX.STORE — Under maintenance

BJX.STORE is temporarily under maintenance. I did major upgrading on Magento latest stable release, 1.1.2 but apparently my custom theme is not compatible with the latest release. aiiish :ops: I need to fix the custom theme and be done with the Easy Clutch Orders. and reply emails and text messages…….. :panic: and get some rest~

Fast Update #7

Yosh! According to my schedule, June is a busy month! Had my 25th birthday last Tuesday, phew~ Though now I’m felling slightly uneasy, uncertain… Just got the news that my dad is going to be transfered to Bintulu, Sarawak. *sigh* 25th Birthday! Thanks everyone who wished me happy birthday, and my house mate bought me […]