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Fabric Finds – The Mustache

I dunno why but I just love “mustache”—like in the picture below. I think it’s cute and adorable.. :ops: I was browsing The Spoonflower (where you can design, print and sell your own fabric designs) and I’ve found nearly 100 designs with mustache prints! My fave are these two, and I was thinking of purchasing […]

Cotton Previews #3

Hi everyone! Pre-order kali ni lebih banyak daripada biasa dan setakat ni baru sampai separuh je (huaa saya risau kena tahan dengan kastam je ni :panic: ) Sepatutnya, semua dah sampai hari ni… tapi tunggu-tunggu takda pun~ :yuck: *hampa* Anihooo, jom tengok kain-kain baru ni! Dan kegemaran saya ialah Poppy Punch in Multi by Michael […]

Cotton Previews #2

Hi alls! I’m sorry for the temporary hiatus. My great grandma passed away last Friday ;( I’m slowly picking up the pace. Much to do about everything!!! Honestly, I haven’t really finished unpacking tau. Baru je hantar winter jacket for dry cleaning last week :ops: haaaa saya masih rindu kan Seoul… :yuck: hehe tutup cerita […]

Cotton Previews #1

yessss finally, the pre-order #18 has arrived! Thanks to my mum who went to the post office to pickup my packages. Apparently, there was a lil bit misunderstanding with the postman, and the delivery got delayed like 4 effing days! :pfft: Ok, therefore all orders under Pre-Order #18 will be posted out this afternoon. Please […]

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