That’s it!! :panic: I’m officially out of magnetic snaps! Therefore, all Easy Clutch orders will be put to halt until I get my supplies in stock.

I bought a handful of magnetics snaps for an Etsy seller, and she’s from Thailand. Of course its a good price, as I’m willing to wait :ops: Still waiting for the package to arrive, might take about 2 weeks max to reach me during this festive cny season. Hopefully it will not get slapped with hefty custom charges! huhuhu :yuck:

Magnetic Snap Closure

hmm… why don’t make something easy (and without the need to use snaps) like Ohimesanâ„¢? :happy:  In case you are wondering what the heck is Ohimesanâ„¢… it is a cute small pouch for sanitary pads and pantyliners.

I usually carry extra sanitary pads in my bag for any unusual emergency cases. Usually I wrap the pads in pretty wrapping papers… but they always end-up ‘ruined’ because they got ‘terpenyek’ in my bag. You see, imma sucka for large tote and I end-up throwing everything in my bag like make-ups, mini notebook, pen, marker, purse, keys, handphones, rocky cookies, rice crackers, bottled water and other craps! My handbag weigh like 4kgs yo!

jackson ohimesan 2

So, I came with this (brilliant :blush: ) idea of mini pouches! 2 slots for pantie liners and pads. Great isn’t it? :love:

It’s cute, it’s handy and you don’t have to be ashamed of it!


bjxstore 3

heeeee i’m so excited. I wanna make more Ohimesanâ„¢!!! :cheer:

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