Hi everyone..

Good news, the based price is still RM46 per yard! :cheer:
Plus more discount will be given for orders totaling 4 yards and above!
How cool is that?! You can save more 😉

Orders will be closed on 10th July, 2010. Prompt payment needed.

For your info, this pre-order is only for quilt (medium) weight cotton.
If you have any question, feel free to email me! 😛

Love, Shambie 😉

(Michael Miller) Simply Beautiful, Poppy Punch in Multi

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Status : CLOSE

submitted to supplier

  • orders – closed on 12th July
  • 1st part – submitted to supplier on 8th July
  • sent out to all customer – 28th July


The price is RM46 per yard. Minimum cut is 0.5 yard and increment in 0.25yards.

  • Closing date : 10th July, 2010 – 9.00PM **EXTENDED TILL 12th JULY**
  • Immediate Full payment
  • Estimated Stock Arrival : 21st July, 2010
  • Estimated Delivery Date : 25th July, 2010
  • Only for quilt (medium) weight cotton
  • FAQs about cotton

Example of calculation

(RM46 x Quantity in yards) + Postage Fee

You purchased 2.75 yards of cotton and opted for Poslaju within Peninsular. So, you will need to pay RM136.25 based on the above calculation.

(RM46 x 2.75) + RM7 = RM133.50

Terms and Conditions

  • Immediate full payment needed
  • Orders are considered pending until proof of payment is submitted
  • Orders must be placed through the Pre-Order Form
  • Price per yard – RM46
  • Price excluding postage
  • Minimum cut – 0.5 yards
  • Increment in 0.25 yards
  • Please include in the notes for any special instructions.

Local Post Charges

Please refer to Postage Info for details.

All orders can be tracked using the given track code. We are not responsible for the lateness of delivery or lost of packages. If you wish for safer and faster delivery, please opt for Poslaju.

Request is CLOSED

Order List

Finalized orders;

  1. (Amy Butler) Love, Sun Spots in Turquoise x 1 yard
  2. (Tanya Whelan) Dolce, Marilyn in Grey x 0.75 yards
  3. (Tanya Whelan) Dolce,  Deco Fans in Lavender x 0.75 yards
  4. (Tanya Whelan) Dolce,  Bamboo Garden in Grey x 0.75 yards
  5. (Tanya Whelan) Dolce,  Rita in Grey x 0.75 yards
  6. (Paula Prass) Woodland Delight Brick Path in Orange x 2 yards
  7. (Michael Miller) Peace, Peace Signs in Multi x 0.5 yards
  8. (Michael Miller) Peace, Wings of Peace in Multi x 0.5 yards
  9. (Melimba & Beccabury) Rainy Days and Mondays, Umbrella Tops in White x 0.5 yards
  10. (Timeless Treasures) Totally 80s, Mix Tape in Multi x 0.5 yards
  11. (Alice Kennedy) Owl, Owls in Black x 0.5 yards
  12. (Alice Kennedy) Owl, Owls in Black x 2 yards

Order List by Customer

  • Nadia Fauzi – #1 – #6 *PAID
  • Skin – #7 – #11 *PAID
  • Putri Mahirah – #12 *PAID

Track Code *UPDATED

via Pos Malaysia’s Courier Services on 28th July, 2010

  • Nadia Fauzi – Poslaju – EN250357175MY
  • Skin – Poslaju – EN250357189MY
  • Putri Mahirah – Poslaju – EN250357192MY

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