welcoming 2011

wow! we are entering 2011 and a week has gone by… I’m kinda busy with work and i feel that this site is being neglected more. Sorry dear Shop, I will write more :inlove: theheee~

Remake List

I know some of you guys are still waiting for me to finish sewing your remake order. I’m trying my best and I hope you lovelies are not losing hope on me.. :ops: I will try to finish the current list by March, and for the time being I won’t be accepting any new request. Sorry guys!! :yuck:

As for now, I’m sewing everyday… hoping to finish all the list and start making new stuff. I have many projects in mind, hope to start soon!!! :cheer:

and THANK YOU all for your support and love!!! Group hug everyone!!!! :inlove:

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