I’ve decided to change the whole look to something girly and sweet…  :inlove:

The previous theme was great but I had to deactivate the theme because it is not really compatible with WordPress version 3. I spent USD30 on that template but unfortunately I received minimal support from the developer… :pfft:

Bad after sales service!

The Free WordPress 3.0+ Theme for Portfolios and Magazines: JournalCrunch

Then I found this FREE   :cheer:  Wordpress Theme on Smashing Magazine, called JournalCrunch and thought it would be nice to use for my online shop. The theme is absolutely free to use and can be easily modified.   😆

New look for the site! 1

With a lil tweak here and there, I’ve manage to change the theme to my liking.

Shambijoux Store - New Theme - Aug2011
Shambijoux Store - New Theme - Aug2011

Awesome right? 😛

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